Biology and statistics are closely connected nowadays. World scientific journals consider statistical analyses to be a natural part of biological research.

Statistics have an important part in our research and make up a significant part of our scientific outcomes. We developed several statistical methods improving accuracy of routine testing. Proposed methods have a significant role in applied biology, particularly in the field of prenatal diagnostics. We provide support and services to make sense of your data according to the best statistical practice.


Consultancy and communication

  • especially in the field of design of biological experiments
  • the suitability of applying statistical methods and machine learning methods
  • model suggestions

Evaluation of statistical data

  • statistical testing of one-dimensional and multidimensional data using standard statistical tests
  • statistical search for relationships between data, covariance and correlation, linear and nonlinear dependencies
  • complex analysis of multidimensional data using multidimensional statistical analyzes such as PCA, MDS and others


  • linear regression
  • nonlinear regression and appropriate design of nonlinear functions
  • probability models

Machine learning

  • support vector mechine
  • neural networks
  • simulated annealing and others


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