We provide professional bioinformatics services for analysis of genomic, transcriptomic and metagenomic data, customized to fit your need.

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Detection and interpretation of genomic variability (human and other genomes)

  • Structural variants
  • SNP, indely
  • Short tandem repetitions

Mixed communities (metagenomics, 16S / ITS variability)

  • Assessment of the composition of biological communities
  • Quantification of present organisms
  • Qualitative and quantitative comparison of the analyzed communities

Gene expression (Human and other species)

  • Detection of active transcripts
  • Assembly of transcriptome
  • Comparison of the expression of the analyzed samples

Virus detection and annotation

  • Detection of known viruses and pathogens
  • Assembly and annotation of novel viruses
  • Assessment of the viral composition of the analyzed sample

Customized analyzes

  • Design and implementation of scientific studies
  • Statistical evaluation of acquired metrics
  • Design and implementation of novel bioinformatics pipelines according to the needs of the study
  • Development of supporting tools and applications

Data analyses

  • Development of prediction models using machine learning and artifical intelligence
  • Statistical testing of single and multidimensional data
  • Statistical analyses of covariance and correlation, linear and non-linear relations
  • Complex multidimensional data analysis and visualization